In Like a Lion 2008, 2014

In Like a Lion is a collaboration with my mother, whose eyewitness accounts of seasonal change are recorded daily. There are two previous installments of this work, Spring 2008 and Summer 2012.  To produce this work she learned to operate a professional camcorder, microphone and lights, all of which were installed in her kitchen for the duration of each month. All of the equipment used to make the work is operated by my mother. She also learned to use a point and shoot camera and an iPhone to document from direct observation the world beyond her condominium.  As the each month progresses, her observations become entryways into revealing personal narratives that are intimate, humorous, and always “camera ready”.  While her personal storytelling is at the foundation for the work, it is primarily a portrait of her, our relationship, and a comment on mortality.

In Like A Lion: Summer 2012 (Observations), 2014 00:37:00 min.
Observations on the weather for the month of June 2012. As springs turns to summer, Maureen is asked to trade in her point and shoot camera and document her observations using her new iPhone. As the month progresses she experiences an increased dependance on her phone as a window between private and public space. Shot in 2012, the video was completed in 2014.

In Like A Lion: Spring 2008, 2008 1:36:00 min.
Observations on the weather for the month of March 2008.
Armed with a camera and a weather radio, Maureen Jasper gives daily eyewitness accounts of the transformation from winter to spring, direct from her condominium in Worcester, Massachusetts.
For this work, my mother learned to use a Sony PD 170 video camera which was set up in her kitchen, we spoke daily on the phone to discuss the recordings, and I visited every four days or so to change batteries, adjust lights, and switch the tape.

In Like A Lion: Spring 2008 is a looping single channel video intended for installation.

In Like A Lion: Summer 2012(Observations) 2014; 10 min. excerpt (37:03)

Interview on the project and Lion: Summer 2012 (P. 114 ).


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